A new generation of funiture design

Shinya Ito & Kaori Yamamoto is a design studio that based in Tokyo Japan.
Our design philosophy is to break with the limits of why design is made. It is the liberation of the design from everything restricted. The most important things is to think deeply.


This is a wall-mounted lamp that gives off enchanting lights to up and down. The lights reflect off the ceiling and floor, they gently cover the space. We design this lamp with sculptural thinking, that creates a comfortable space.

size(mm):W384 H384 D50.8
material:Steel, LED


The theme is beauty of the transparent presence visible and invisible. We received inspiration from fluctuation and sparkle of the surface of the water.

size(mm):W560 H750 D530 SH450

Floor Lamp

This lamp is a middle hight floor lamp. It pursue both good usability and simple beauty. It has a battery inside of the base stand, so it can be used even without a power cable.

size(mm):W300 H1140 D530
material:Wood, Copper, PMMA, LED


Bloom is a simple pendant light. It's inspired by the little flower coming into bloom that we saw while traveling.

size(mm):W243 H170 D170
material:LED,Half mirror coated PMMA


This name is “momo”. This is a table lamp that inspired by flying squirrel(Japanese name is “Momonga”) .

size(mm):S-H300 W170 D170,L-H480 W260 D260
material:PMMA half mirror

Shower Light

This lamp is inspired by water falling from the shower. This is gently and fantastic light.

size(mm):W500 H500 D540
material:LED,Optical fiber,Surface emitting PMMA
Prize:Observeur du design 2014,Public Prize for The RADO Star Prize 2014,Best of NYC x design 2018

Milk Crown Mirror

Milk Crown Mirror is a three-dimensional mirror that represented a dramatic moment. This mirror reflects scenery gently and creates interior like decorated with a work of art.

size(mm):S-W300 H300 D45,L-W500 H500 D75
material:PMMA half mirror

Do not disturb mirror

This is a mirror which proposed new usability.The material is PMMA mirror.It's inspired by the hotel room sign. (on sale at Bolia.com)

size(mm):S-W360 H750 D6,L-W470 H1200 D6
material:PMMA mirror

Green stool

This is Green stool. It's inspired by "Hako-niwa" (Japanese small garden for interior). You can feel the nature when you are sitting on this.

size(mm):W500 H500 D500

Stacking chair

This is a stacking chair. It's inspired by "Origami"(Japanese paper works).

size(mm):W555 H740 D550